June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends:
Over the last weeks, many of us have had the pleasure of attending high
school graduation ceremonies across the state. We want to congratulate
those students on their achievements and wish them a successful future.

As a Board, we will continue to meet throughout the summer. Some of
our current initiatives include examining the educator licensing process,
reviewing required high school graduation credits, preparing to submit the
Consolidated State Plan for ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to the U.S.
Department of Education, and working to identify barriers that prevent
educational excellence in our schools. We look forward to working with
many of you on these important issues.

We meet again on July 13-14 and invite the public to join us. As always,
feel free to reach me at michellekboulter@gmail.com or 435-668-0758.

May 2017 Newletter

Please take the time to look over the newsletter and share any feedback that you might have!

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