The Proper Role of Government is to protect the individual rights of the people. I believe the constitution to be an inspired document. I hold as a firm principle that the smallest or lowest level of government that can solve a problem should do so: First the family, then the community, then the county, then the state. I believe that we have been endowed by God with certain rights, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty, and property. We need to strike a proper balance between government power and individual rights. 

Pro-life: One of the functions of government is to protect life, this includes the life of the unborn. 

2nd Amendment: I am a strong defender of the 2nd amendment and will do everything I can to protect the right of the people to bear arms. I will be opposed to any attempt by our legislature to deny the people this fundamental right. 

Education: Parents are the primary exemplars for and stewards of their children. As such, they are the primary educators of their children. Other institutions are secondary supports and should not be used to supersede the will of the parents.

Family: I believe the family is the fundamental unit of society. Every principle that we talk about ties back into the family.

Taxes: I do not support increasing taxes. Before we ever look at placing more burdens on the backs of the people, we should first look at limiting programs and cutting spending. Unfortunately, it is always easier to require more from the taxpayers than to find areas in which to spend less.